Watch: Beta Lucca’s YouTube Introduction Video ︎

Futr Flame developed and produced original video content for Roberta Lucca’s newly established YouTube channel and we created supporting social media assets for Roberta to share on her social media channels to build and maintain a consistent presence.

Our conversations with Roberta started right at the very beginning of the Beta Lucca journey. As the co-founder of a BAFTA-winning games company, (Bossa Studios) and tech entrepreneur in her own right, Roberta had a desire
to share her past and ongoing experience, learnings and insight through a YouTube channel.

Futr Flame helped Roberta to articulate the mission of her channel and, with a clear purpose, we developed the look and feel of the brand (logo, fonts, colour palette, intro and outro clips, thumbnails).

This project meets the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Positive Impact:

Inspiring and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs with insightful, meaningful content, whilst promoting gender equality and improving access to quality education around gaming and technology.


1 up-and-running original YouTube channel
16 fully produced long-form videos to release over a period of 3 months
1 hero introduction video with Roberta’s mission. 
48 supporting social media assets (these included GIFS, memes and shareable cut downs of existing videos)